Sometimes when you try to create a report using the Facebook Breakdowns, there might be some unexpected behaviors. Here's what happens behind the scenes: 

Requesting too much data

If you're asking for too much data all at the same time, Facebook is not going to be able to send back a proper result.
You can try to reduce the time frame; change the filter to only one campaign (for instance) to reduce the size of the request. 

If there's an issue on Facebook's side

It might not be possible to get the stats from Facebook, either because you reached the user limit (the limitation of requests per app); the Facebook API could be down...

Combining breakdowns that are not compatible

Some breakdowns are not compatible (there's a limitation on Facebook's side preventing us from doing some operations). To solution this, the priority is going to be given to the last compatible breakdown(s) (the smaller granularities). 

For example:

  • Age & Gender are compatible.
  • Age & Country are not compatible, so Country is going to be displayed (it's the last breakdown): 
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