By default budget and dates are mandatory to be able to validate a media plan.

But what if you need extra info to describe what's inside of each campaign? 🤔

The answer is the column templates!

By using this functionality, you'll be able to create a template to insert additional fields that can be defined as required for specific networks, and in that case, they will need to be filled before validating a media plan. This template can be re-used in all the media plans of the same brand.

To create a new column template, go to the Media Plan builder view open the Columns drop-down menu and click on "+ Create a column group".

After giving a name to your template click on "Create new column" to insert a new field.

Let's say I would like to insert the size of images used in the creatives of my campaigns then I could build something like this.

If you don't find a type of column that fits the one that you are creating, you can just simply select "Other".

In the "required for" field, you'll select the networks for which this column is mandatory; you won't be able to validate the media plan if the field is empty for campaigns of that network.

Once you are done adding the columns you need. Click on create👨🏼‍🎨:

To apply an already created column template just select it in the columns drop-down menu as shown below.

We hope you enjoy this functionality!

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