Now that you have designed the audience your ad will target, let's tackle the next step: creating your ad. 

For the sake of this guide, we will assume this is a "Traffic" campaign. 

Here's what you'll be seeing, most of the time:

From here, you can see that there's a few fields to fill: 

  • You'll have to name your creative. Giving it a name is mandatory, since there is no timeline (like on Facebook or Twitter), meaning you will need to look into the Creatives library available at the top of the screen: 
  • Inside of the Creatives library, you will be able to search for creatives using the name you have given them!
  • The Brand Name will be displayed at the top of the preview screen:
  • The Headline is right below:

Remember that you can only import videos as your Topsnap Media, but you can import pictures for the filters and App icons. 

The Attachment is the type of interaction you're giving to the user - basically what's going to happen once the user will "Swipe Up". 

The Call to Action is the text displayed at the bottom of the screen, inciting to "Swipe Up"

Don't forget to input the Link! You can in Mobile App campaigns input a Deeplink, to take your users to a specific place inside of the App!

Finally, you can choose to Preload your webpage - that will help to speed up the user journey, as the page they should end up on will already be ready for them! You should pay particularly attention to this to make sure your website loads properly. 

You can also choose whether or not your users can share your ad, or not. 

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