As we explained in this article, you can set up Naming Strategies to gain a lot of time in your everyday Campaign Creation!

But you can also create more specific Custom Parameters to fit your needs.
To do so, when you're creating a Naming Template and selecting a Dynamic Parameter, at the bottom of the drop down list you'll find the option to use a custom parameter: 

Clicking here will open a new menu on top of the existing one: 

We'll talk about the Manual Parameter only here! For Dynamic ones, it's over there!

Remember to give your parameter a name, to find it again quickly next time you need to use it! 

Then, select the level you'll need your parameter at (Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad), and choose the Field type: since your custom parameter will be set manually, it can actually be of two types - a free text, or a list of predefined choices. 

If you're selecting the "Text" option, every time you'll create a campaign, you will have to input a text that will be located exactly where you set the parameter to appear: 

If you decide on this option, you'll have to Write your free text in the Settings step, right here: 

If you choose the other option, you can design the Parameter even further: 

For instance, if you want to see Men and Women appearing in the name of your ad set, but you'd rather see it as M and W, you can set it up with a Custom Parameter! 

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