Updating view tags

As part of their efforts to examine their systems and protect people’s privacy, Facebook is updating the way view tags work on their platform. 

View tags have been used since 2012 — back when Facebook was primarily used on desktop — to measure and verify ad impressions on desktop and mobile browsers. Since they were originally designed to measure ads on desktop, they don't work as well for ads on mobile.

To count impressions, you'll be able to set up view tags in the same way you do today. View tags will no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting.

This change will apply to new campaigns starting July 1st. 

After October 1st, all campaigns created with partners other than the approved ones will stop being tracked. 

Which partners are going to be approved? 

Moving forward, Facebook will work with the following partners only:  Nielsen, comScore, Sizmek, Innovid and DoubleClick. 

They will be allowed to count impressions for verification purposes only. 

If you want to know more about the changes coming to View Tags and measurements, you can read here Facebook's official statement.

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