The aim of the Social Ad-Viser is to give you a rundown of what you're doing on your ad account, and benchmark it against what we know are good indicators. 

For each section, you'll get a grade from 0 to 5. 

Campaign Structure

What we're looking at here is Relevance Score, Ads Delivery and Frequency and the number of Ads per Ad Set. 

Relevance Score is at the heart of a good campaign, since it will be one of the biggest factors in you winning auctions to deliver your ads. It's also a big factor in the price you'll pay for each! If you're interested, you can read more here

Ads Frequency is another big part of your campaign being healthy. If your audience sees your ads more than a certain amount each day, they'll get tired of it: this is Ad Fatigue


Here, we're looking at how you set up your Pixel. Is it tracking events? Did you set up advanced events maybe?
We'll show you how to do it here!

For each Pixel, you'll get a quick summary of what you did and what's not working!

Optimal Bidding

Bidding is a complicated process, and here we'll evaluate how well you're optimizing it. This includes (but is not limited to) selecting a Campaign Objective and Optimization Goal that work together or using the correct type of bidding based on the Action you're trying to get your users to do. 

If you're interested, you can read our extended article about Bidding here!

Product Adoption

In Product Adoption, we're looking at your usage of the different platforms Facebook has available. The more you vary your usage, the better your performances would be! 

We're also checking if you're using varied Optimization Goals!


Finally, we'll be looking into your Audience usage - to optimize your ad management, you should always try to vary the type of Audiences you're using. Lookalike Audiences or Website Audiences for instance are very useful for Retargeting or expanding your customer base! 

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