Before even starting to advertise, you're going to have to connect your ad account(s) to the platform. Let's run that down: 

Once you have entered your profile details, the platform will ask you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Google account: 

As mentioned here, MakeMeReach doesn't use your data or even post on your behalf, all we're doing is helping you optimize your social ads through each Network! 

After connecting your account, it will automatically display all of the Ad Accounts linked to your account: 

If you're in a Business Manager, all of the accounts attached to this Business will also be displayed, helping you connect all of them at once. If you don't want to connect them right away, you can always do it later, in your Profile page! 

Not that you have chosen you Ad Accounts to sync, we'll import the campaigns to set up everything for you and start helping you optimize! 

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