Who's Reachy?

Reachy is an AI-powered assistant that understands natural language. This means you can ask him questions about your data, the same way you'd ask someone. Think of him as your personal Facebook Assistant! 

Where can I find him?

Reachy is always there for you, right at the top of your Dashboards! Just type your question in the search field, and let the magic happen!

What Can Reachy Do?

You can ask Reachy questions about your data, and Reachy will generate graphs for you to use as widgets in your dashboard!

Try to use the following parts in your queries:

  • A question: "Show me", "Tell Me", "What was"
  • One (or several) metric(s): CPC, CPM, etc..
  • A time frame: all time, last 30 days, yesterday
  • Groupings: By Campaign, By Gender, By Ad, By Day, etc

To help you, we've curated a few examples: 

What was my CPC for February?
What was my CPC for the last 30 days?
Show me the CTR by gender
Show me my CPC, CTR, Spend by Campaign
Show me my CPC, CTR, Spend by Campaign and Ad
Pie Chart Spend by Campaign

What languages does Reachy understand?

For now, Reachy only speaks english, but he's learning as we speak! More languages will be released in the future.

What Can I do with Reachy's graphs?

You'll have two options: 

  • If you click on the + in the top right, you'll add this graph as a widget on your current dashboard. 
  • If you click on the pen under the +, you'll be able to edit the widget, as if you had started creating it yourself! The only difference is that most of the parameters will be chosen already!
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