When you open the MakeMeReach platform, you will automatically land on the Campaign List, which is our default reporting view!

Adding a new tab (or dashboard) to your Helicopter View is incredibly easy: simply click on the + next to the existing tabs! If you've created a dashboard previously and closed it, you will have a dotted option instead. 

Once you've opened your new tab, you'll get two options: open an existing dashboard, or create a new one from a template.

Creating a new one will let you either build it from scratch, and add your widgets accordingly; or use one of the 8 templates  You'll just need to name your dashboard and give it an icon!

Opening an existing one will offer you all of the previous dashboards you have created, in case you closed one by mistake, or if you want to give one another chance!

Now that you're on a fresh dashboard, you'll have to use the bar at the top of the screen to interact: 

Let's look into what you can do with all of this!

Ask Reachy

The text box on the left lets you type a question, a query, and simply Ask Reachy what you need! We've given you a few examples of what you can ask if you don't feel inspired . 

Creating your widget: 

Clicking on "New widget" is going to open up a lot of options, if you want to look into it, you can read up here! 

Editing your dashboard

Feel free to change the name and Icon of your dashboard to make sure it's the quickest and clearest for you!

Duplicating your dashboard

Clicking this will copy your dashboard and add it in a new tab. 

Exporting your dashboard

Similarly to the widget actions, you can also export your whole dashboard to an Excel. Each widget's data will be stored in a textbook inside of a single Excel file! Quick and simple, a must for your reporting needs! 

Sharing your dashboard

This feature lets you share a link to your coworkers, managers of customers of your dashboard(s). You can also give them the option of changing the time periods, so they can expand their reporting to a longer timeframe!

Finally, you can delete your dashboard. Be careful, you won't be able to retrieve it after that! 

To the very right of your bar, you'll see a Filter option:

You can add multiple filters to clean up your data, in order to end up with the necessary information only. Beware as there are two levels of filters: the dashboard one, and the widget one. Having a dashboard filter will affect ALL widgets. If you're adding a filter to your widgets while a dashboard filter is active, you'll get a reminder. 

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